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But since herArchives HOF New Free Coins Login life and death can be arbitrarily decided by Little Jackpot, she did not dare to say anything. But instead straightforwardly said “Leave it all to me, but what about my spiritual Qi?” “Ah ah, senior sister, this is theArchives HOF New Free Coins Login antidote!” Little Jackpot calmly took out a pill and gave it to her. Jackpot did not know if Little Jackpot would have a hidden agenda. But after all, her life and death was in his hands, he did not haveArchives HOF New Free Coins Login a need to use such a method to fool her. Thus, Jackpot ate the pill with relieve. Very quickly, she felt the missing spiritual Qi beginning to return.

In just a while, sheArchives HOF New Free Coins Login regained her battle prowess. After recovering, Jackpot did not say anything else but walked out of the wooden hut directly. She stretched her hands towards her flying sword, and it flew into her hands, she then began walking towards Spin. The current him had been roasted in and out by the lighting on the lightning wind sword, resulting in the aroma of barbequed meat in the air.

As he opened his eyes, heArchives HOF New Free Coins Login saw Jackpot. He bore the pain and began pleading “Junior sister, save me!” However, Jackpot, with sorrow and anger replied “You were the one who caused me to be so miserable, and you still have the cheek to ask me to save you? If not for you, I as a princess, by a lecherous Jackpot was…~”