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There was little or no Ask Code 2021 HOF Free Coins classification of tones, and the entire twenty-four letters were applied in regular order to the diatonic series of the Dorian mode. Tones in the chromatic or enharmonic modes were named by other letters, and the system was extremely complicated. The notes of the instrumental accompaniment were still different from those Ask Code 2021 HOF Free Coins of the vocal part. No genuine example of this Coins has come down to us in reliable form, and curiously enough, no classical writer gives any idea of the notation of Coins. All that we know of this notation we derive from Alypius, who lived about 150 A.D. Athanasius

Kircher, a Jesuit of a monastery in Sicily, published Ask Code 2021 HOF Free Coinsin the last century the text of what purported to be a fragment of the first Pythic Ode of Pindar. (See page 69.) In the original the Free Coins characters stood in immediate proximity to the words of the text. At the middle of the third line begins the chorus of Citharodists. As all the Free Coins characters Ask Code 2021 HOF Free Coinsof the Greeks indicated absolute pitch.

If the student will discover the difference between the vocal and instrumental notation by comparing the notes in the early part of the ode with those of the same pitches noted for instruments later. Three other pieces of similar apocryphal character have come down to us. It is likely that these Ask Code 2021 HOF Free Coins melodies, if not really genuine, as related to the composition of Pindar, nevertheless belong to a period a little anterior to the Christian era.