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Nothing could stopBlog HOF Apk Free Coins Online them. Over the years, the bond between the friends had strengthened, and they would do anything, anything at all, to protect the others. While each of them brought his own special talents to the club, CoinBlog HOF Apk Free Coins Onlineand Spin and Wins knew that John was the mastermind, and that without him they would never have gotten this far. They couldn’t afford to lose him, and they became increasingly alarmedBlog HOF Apk Free Coins Online over his deteriorating state of mind. The noise made John melancholy. “How long have we been friends?” He slurred the question. “Does anybody remember?” “About a million years,” Cameron said as he reached for the bottle of Chivas. Dallas snorted with laughter. “Man, it seems that long, doesn’t it?” “We’re lucky we haven’t turned into alcoholics.”

“Who says we haven’t?” CameronBlog HOF Apk Free Coins Online asked, and then laughed again. John held up his glass. “A toast to the club and to the tidy profit we just made, thanks to Preston’s oh-so-sweet insider information.” “Here, here,” Cameron said as he clinked his glass against the others. “I still can’t figure out how you got that information, though.” “How do you think I got it?” Preston asked. “I got her drunk, fu**ed her brains out, and after she passed out, I went through her computer files.

All in a night’s work.” “You boinkedBlog HOF Apk Free Coins Online her?” Cameron howled. “‘Boinked’? Who uses that word these days?” Preston asked. “I want to know how you got it up. I’ve seen the woman. She’s a pig,” Dallas said.