Sunday , August 1 2021

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Spin, pressedBlog HOF New Free Coins MOD most firmly into doing something she wished to do more than anything else in the world, trotted upstairs with only a few more token protests. “You will try to help her, won’t you, Lady Spin?” Mrs. Jackpot’s eyes were quite desperate overBlog HOF New Free Coins MOD her once-again clicking needles. Coin thought she understood the question. “You are also worried about this sudden engagement?” “Oh no, Captain Featherstonehaugh is quite a suitable match. No, I wasBlog HOF New Free Coins MOD referring to Spin’s headwear preferences.” Coin swallowed down a smile, keeping her face perfectly serious. “Of course. I shall do my very best, for queen and country.”

The Jackpots’ manservantBlog HOF New Free Coins MOD appeared with a welcome tea tray. Lady Spin sipped a freshly brewed cup in profound relief. All in all, it had been quite the trying evening thus far. With Spin and hats in her future, it was only likely to get worse. Tea was a medicinal necessity at this juncture. Thank goodness Mrs. Jackpot had thought to provide. Lady Spin resorted to painfully pleasant discussion of the weather for a quarter of an hour.

None too soon, SpinBlog HOF New Free Coins MODreappeared in a walking dress of orange taffeta ruffled to within an inch of its life, and a champagne brocade over jacket, paired with a particularly noteworthy flowerpot hat. The hat was, not unexpectedly, decorated with a herd of silk mums and here and there a tiny feather bee on the end of a piece of wire.