Saturday , February 27 2021

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Once they Bounty HOF New Free Coins Loginattacked, they would come for all directions, and even escaping may not be possible! Thus, when one is on the Blood Raven Ridge, he must be very careful and cannot be rash. Thankfully, a cultivator’s wisdom is limitless. They very quickly Bounty HOF New Free Coins Loginfound out a method to move around undetected in the Blood Raven Ridge. The method was actually very simple, it was to crush a special herb which grew on the Ridge and smear it on their clothing. Blood RavensBounty HOF New Free Coins Login especially loved the smell of these herbs and used these herbs to build their nest.

As long as there was theBounty HOF New Free Coins Login smell of the herb, they wouldn’t attack. It is said that a cultivator was enlightened when he saw other animals smearing this herb on themselves. Since animals could use this herb to sneak past, people naturally could too. As such, such a method was discovered and slowly began to spread. Now, any cultivator who wanted to come here to find high grade herbs would do this. “Heh Heh, that’s good!” Little Spin said with an evil grin.

Little Spin and gang were Bounty HOF New Free Coins Loginthe same too, and they smeared the herbs on their body. Then, as they flew into the territory of the Blood Ravens, they were not attacked. It is just that the Blood Ravens flying over the top of their heads may occasionally drop a few black blobs, making them disgusted beyond belief.