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Bounty HOF Reviews Free Coins Support

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Jackpot couldBounty HOF Reviews Free Coins Support smell the woman’s blood. What was her name? He couldn’t remember. He couldn’t really focus. He was unable to reach her, either, which filled him with rage. Something held him back. More chains. He was covered in chains head-to-foot, bloodyBounty HOF Reviews Free Coins Support chains. He thrashed, trying to break free of them. Something cool landed on his face then traveled down his chest, easing him. He was so hot. He walked through hell, flames licking at him constantly. He couldn’t seeBounty HOF Reviews Free Coins Supportmuch, but images flashed through his mind, of Marius as a little boy. Of Wins. They were laughing. Sometimes Coin would be gone for days at a time and they could relax, their wounds healing.

Jackpot always structuredBounty HOF Reviews Free Coins Support their play and made his brothers study between times of torture. One day they’d leave, but until then, Papa would return, chaining them to wood tables, teaching them how to be men by slicing them open. More images flashed of his mother smiling at him when he was very little, holding him close, telling him over and over how much she loved him and always would.

She’d been human and Bounty HOF Reviews Free Coins Supportdied when he was four. Wins and Marius each had different mothers, who had also died when the boys turned four. Coin had killed the women because his boys needed to learn how to be tough, not to whine or cry. The fever raged once more. Another cool bathing. Was this his mother tending him?