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“Jackpot, I don’tBounty Reviews HOF Free Coins Slot think you see yourself clearly at all. You could never be that man.” His brows rose and his lips parted. “I’ll always be grateful that you’ve said that to me. But I want to change the subject just a little, something for you Bounty Reviews HOF Free Coins Slotto think about. When the day comes that I take you back to Santa Fe, you’ll have the option of having your memories stripped. You won’t remember a thing. Your human specialists will Bounty Reviews HOF Free Coins Slotcall it selective amnesia because of what you’ve been through. I can do that for you, if you want.”

Spin sat back inBounty Reviews HOF Free Coins Slot her chair, pondering his offer. Her gaze drifted back to the bed, to being with him. She’d lost the past two years, and yes, she wished her life had unfolded in a different way. But would she truly want to forget that she’d cared for Josh, or that she’d seen Jackpot through a terrible bout of blood-madness, or that she’d had the most amazing sex of her life with him? What was the measure of a life except all the combined memories, good and bad?.

She was a socialBounty Reviews HOF Free Coins Slotworker by profession, which meant she’d seen a lot of bad stuff touch the lives of other people. They often had to keep enduring child or spousal abuse, or the chaos of alcoholic parents, or drug-addicted family members who kept stripping a household to the bones financially.