Monday , December 6 2021

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Wetting her dry lips, she gave Coins More Coins Gift HOF Free a shake of her head. Coins, I cannot do this. Why? His gaze stabbed deep into her wide eyes. What do you fear? Betrayal, she said before she could halt the revealing word. The golden eyes darkened as his fingers tenderly moved to stroke her pale cheek. Never, my dove. You can believe in me. A tremor shook her body. He could Coins More Coins Gift HOF Free not possibly understand. No one understood. I think we should go, she breathed. There was a strained silence, as if he battled the urge to force her to accept his pledge. Then his lips twisted with rueful humor. As you wish. Our time will come. Eventually. Taking the bow from her hands, Coins moved to retrieve Coins More Coins Gift HOF Free the arrows, and then with exquisite care he helped her to the carriage he had rented for the day.

Coins settled herself on the leather seat with a hint of regret. When Coins had first suggested they spend the day out of the city, she had hesitated. She was all too aware of the danger of Coins More Coins Gift HOF Free spending such a vast amount of time alone with this gentleman. He was too achingly handsome, too charming, too sensually compelling not to be a danger to any maiden.

But the desire to be away from the cramped house and dark streets had proved to be irresistible. She did not want to spend the day brooding on yet another murdered maiden or on the strange fear that she was being ruthlessly hunted. Just Coins More Coins Gift HOF Free for a few hours she wanted to feel young and unfettered and happy. And she had.