Friday , March 5 2021

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Still, goosebumpsDownload HOF New Free Coins Couponrose on my skin as I stared at myself. This wasn’t me, and it definitely wasn’t who I wanted to be. If it wouldn’t have taken two hours to color it back, I would have asked my hairdresser to do it right away. Instead, I gotDownload HOF New Free Coins Coupon up, paid, and went outside. My heart pounded when I caught sight of myself in the shop window. Like a Sera Coin ghost. Spin was leaning against his car, reading somethingDownload HOF New Free Coins Coupon on his phone. The moment he spotted me, the color drained from his face. I froze on the sidewalk a few steps from him and gingerly touched my smooth hair.

Spin straightened Download HOF New Free Coins Couponslowly, but the look of shock and horror remained on his face. That wasn’t exactly the reaction I’d hoped for. Surprise, yes, but this . . . this utter horror? “What have you done?” I shrugged, trying to play it down. I didn’t want people to make a big deal out of it. I only wanted them to realize that I wasn’t so different from Sera Coin, that I was also worthy. I wanted them to see me.

Of course, now thatDownload HOF New Free Coins Coupon I’d seen myself with blonde hair, I realized how stupid my plan had been. “I needed a change.” “Jackpot,” Spin whispered harshly, grabbing my arm. “You—why would you want to look like . . . like Sera Coin?” Tears stung my eyes, but a fierce ball of indignation and anger rose inside of me.