Saturday , February 27 2021

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I’d never dyedDownload New HOF Free Coins Coupon my hair, never really changed my appearance. I wasn’t sure what the effect would be. Two hours later, I stared at my reflection. For a moment, I was sure I was seeing a ghost. My hairdresser had straightened my hair and dyed itDownload New HOF Free Coins Coupon blonde, the same light golden blonde as Sera Coin’s. I’d looked at samples of different blonde tones for close to thirty minutes before I’d settled on the right hue. My throat clogged up. With Coin’s hairstyle and color, I looked Download New HOF Free Coins Couponlike her. We had the same eye color, the same high cheekbones and narrow nose. I had a few freckles, but my makeup covered those, and I was shorter, but seated, I was Sera Coin’s double.

It was so close toDownload New HOF Free Coins Coupon the original that my heart ached, and my pulse sped up. My hairdresser touched my shoulder when I didn’t react. “I love it.” The words came out sounding harsh. I wasn’t sure I did. I wasn’t sure what I felt at all. I’d wanted to look like Coin because she’d been what everyone had admired when she’d been around, and she was dearly missed. When she began applying the bleach, my stomach swooped.

Coin wanted her, or atDownload New HOF Free Coins Coupon least someone who looked like her—if his dating habits were any indication. Mom, Dad, and Spin missed Coin, too. Maybe Coin would Coolly look at me and see more than the girl who hadn’t been his first choice.