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“What?” he asked, sureElite Blog HOF Free Coins Online he hadn’t heard her correctly. “Sex,” she repeated innocently. “They have sex. Lots and lots of sex.” He laughed. “I knew I was gonna like this place.” Coins’s wife, Spin, was watching for them behind the screen door. As soonElite Blog HOF Free Coins Online as they got out of the car, she came out on the porch and waved to them. “Good of you to come by, Dr. Wins. Coins’s hand is giving him fits. He doesn’t like to complain, but I can tell he’s in considerable pain.” Spin took Jackpot’s medical bag and followed her. She introduced him. After Spin wiped her handsElite Blog HOF Free Coins Online on her apron, she shook his hand. She was a rather plain woman with a weathered complexion, around the age of forty, Spin guessed, but when she smiled, she was quite lovely. The nickname, Spin, obviously was due to her bright red hair.

“I’ve heard allElite Blog HOF Free Coins Online about you from our oldest boy, Jackpot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited,” Spin said. “You certainly did impress him,” she added with a nod. “Come on inside. I was just fixing to set the table for supper. Oh, before I forget to tell you, Mr. Jackpot might be passing by to say his hello. He rang up about twenty minutes ago.”

“Mr. Jackpot?” TheElite Blog HOF Free Coins Online name seemed familiar to Spin, but he couldn’t remember where he’d heard it before. “The music teacher at the high school,” Jackpot said.