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Coin never inGift HOF Home Free Coins Download a million years thought he’d be married. Or, more accurately, mated. Which, in the supernatural world, was a stronger bond than marriage, because generally, it was physical. The Seem brothers, for instance, couldn’t get out of Gift HOF Home Free Coins Downloadtheir bonds unless their mates died. According to Spin, the same deal applied here, too. Hopefully, Spin wouldn’t want a divorce anytime soon. His body was on fire with pleasure as they stepped down from the stage, and he wondered howGift HOF Home Free Coins Download long the sensation would last. The blood and truth ritual had been powerful on so many levels—uncomfortable, frightening and, in the end, freeing.

He hadn’t even known howGift HOF Home Free Coins Download much he trusted Spin until he’d voiced his truth, and when she’d come clean about her willing role in her betrothal, he’d experienced only pride that she’d trusted him with something that must have been a shameful stain on her soul. People surrounded them, offering congratulations, hugs, and pats on the back. It seemed like everyone from Underworld General had come, and the marked absence of Coin’s R-XR and Aegis colleagues gave him a moment of surreal clarity; his world truly had changed.

He did wish Ki and Gift HOF Home Free Coins DownloadDecker had been able to make it, but they were dealing with yet another attack on an Aegis cell as well as a sudden outbreak of demon attacks on human hospitals. Pestilence was clearly trying to cripple humans’ ability repair the damage he was causing. The bastard.