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I’d offer myselfHOF APK Reviews Free Coins Download to him, of course, if Jackpot turned me down. She’d also offered some insight into documents he’d already pored over. The thing she found most curious was how, while he was obsessed with both finding a way to restore Spin’sHOF APK Reviews Free Coins Download Seal and locating Spin’s mort’s, he seemed to be just as focused on finding his father. The difference was that when it came to the subject of the angel who sired him, he tended to guard his words, as if his personal HOF APK Reviews Free Coins Downloadquest was somehow wrong or selfish. Or as if he was protecting himself from disappointment. His search shook something loose inside her, because as much as she hated to admit it, she had a tender, raw spot when it came to fathers.

Maybe it was stupidHOF APK Reviews Free Coins Download of her, but she’d spent a little extra time going over Jackpot’s material that related to his history, wanting to help him. Of course, helping wasn’t a hardship when it meant she got to spend hours in his library, which was stacked from floor to ceiling with books she’d never known existed. Demon cookbooks. And, for the record, demon erotica was freaking gross.

She also found books about the Four Horsemen written by humans, demons, and even an angel. Many of the works were fiction—Jackpot seemed to collect everything that had anything to do with the Horsemen, from video games, TV shows and movies, to books—but several—re HOF APK Reviews Free Coins Downloaddozen were non-fiction.