Thursday , January 27 2022

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“Where exactly is home, sir? YourHOF Coupons Challenge Free Coins Online daughter was talking about her clinic, but she never mentioned the name of the town.” “Do your sons live in Bowen?” “Spin, my oldest, is out in Colorado. He’s a fireman and still not married,” he added. “He comes home every now and again. John Paul, the middle one, left the marines and moved back to Bowen a couple of years ago; he’s notHOF Coupons Challenge Free Coins Online married either. Too busy, I imagine. He lives in a nice little cabin he built deep in the swamp, and when he isn’t working the bar for me, he’s a carpenter. Last year we openedHOF Coupons Challenge Free Coins Online a brand-new high school, and John Paul helped build it. Daniel Boone is what it’s called. Named after a local celebrity.”

“You don’t mean it’sHOF Coupons Challenge Free Coins Online named after the Daniel Boone who helped settle Kentucky . . . the frontiersman . . . is that what you’re saying?” “That’s the one, all right.” “You’re saying Boone lived in Bowen?” Coins shook his head. “No, son, we can’t boast that, but legend has it that Daniel roamed the area hunting and fishing. Of course, that was way back in the 1700 before Bowen was even a town. Still, we like to think that Daniel fished our waters and stayed a spell.”

Spin managed not to laugh. ItHOF Coupons Challenge Free Coins Online appeared that the people in Bowen were hard-pressed for local heroes. “Where does the name Bowen come from?” “It comes from the word Bowie, like in the knife.”