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“No games. For the mostHOF Coupons Guide Free Coins Online part, they’re honest, ordinary people trying to scrape a living together. They don’t waste a lot of time on foolishness.” “So, everyone loves everyone else?” He scoffed at the notion. “No, of course not,” she replied. “But I’ll know my enemies. They won’t sneak up behind me and blindside me. It isn’t their style.” She smiled again. “They’ll get rightHOF Coupons Guide Free Coins Online in my face, and I’m going to like that. Like I said, no games. After the residency I just finished, that’s going to be a refreshing change.” “Not really. There are rewards other thanHOF Coupons Guide Free Coins Online money. Oh sure, it would be great to have all the supplies and equipment we need, but we’ll make do.

I’ve spent a lot of yearsHOF Coupons Guide Free Coins Online getting ready for this . . . besides, I made a promise.” He kept asking her questions to keep her talking. He was interested in hearing about her town but not nearly as much as he was fascinated with her expressions. There was such passion and joy in her voice, and her eyes sparkled as she talked about her family and friends and the good she hoped she could do.

She reminded him of how heHOF Coupons Guide Free Coins Online had felt about life when he had first started practicing the law, before he’d become so cynical. He, too, had wanted to change the world, to make it a better place. Rebecca had ended all that. Looking back, he realized he had failed miserably.

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