Friday , March 5 2021

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I’d never hadHOF Download New Free Coins Archives short hair, and never really considered it. “I want that haircut.” She followed my gaze, her lips parting in surprise. “Are you sure you want me to cut so much of your hair off? It’ll take a while for it to grow back. You know howHOF Download New Free Coins Archives men in our world prefer long hair . . .” “I know,” I said lightly, feeling almost high from my small act of rebellion. My stomach did a little flip when she cut about fifteen inches off my hair, but once theHOF Download New Free Coins Archives blonde strands fell to the ground, it felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

When she was done, my hairHOF Download New Free Coins Archives reached my chin in the front and ended a bit higher in the back. I was surprised how much I liked seeing myself with bangs, even if I had to stop myself from blowing them away from my forehead. I looked cute. Better yet, I looked nothing like Coin anymore. The cut would have looked even better with brown hair but that would have to wait until my next appointment, so Coin didn’t think I had colored it because of his order.

Spin did a double takeHOF Download New Free Coins Archives when I slid into the car. Still, it was better than the reaction he’d had two months ago. Now, it was more surprise, less horror. “And?” I asked. He looked relieved. “Better.” I supposed that was a compliment where he came from.