Thursday , January 28 2021

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He’d eitherHOF Download New Free Coins Bonus be busy for a while or pass out. “Coin, you need to get dressed,” I urged her again. I had to find out what had happened. “Are you alone?” I asked in a low voice. For a moment, she looked at me blankly. “At the party,” I added. ItHOF Download New Free Coins Bonus was highly unlikely that she was alone. Win had mentioned that Coin would be spending the weekend at the Moines lake lodge nearby, but I had been busy with work and party planningHOF Download New Free Coins Bonus and hadn’t paid much attention. She bit her lip, obviously weighing her words, her fingers fumbling with the covers.

Someone had gotten HOF Download New Free Coins Bonusher here. She avoided my eyes. Sinking down beside her, I nudged her chin up but quickly pulled back when she tensed. Fuck. I was such a goddamn asshole. “Where are your bodyguards? And how did you get here?” “I can’t tell you.” “Then I’ll have to call your father.” It was the last thing I wanted to do, but honor dictated it. Coin was his daughter and had run away from her bodyguards and found me at this party.

I didn’t ask HOF Download New Free Coins Bonusher why she’d sought me out, why she’d worn that blonde wig and used her sister’s perfume. I knew, and it made my guilt burn all the fiercer. Coin wasn’t stupid. She wasn’t as naïve as I’d thought—had wished she was—but I’d have preferred it didn’t take this to make me realize it.