Saturday , February 27 2021

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I swallowed, overwhelmedHOF Download New Free Coins Login by his presence. “I want to dance.” Good. That was part of the plan. “Dance, hmm?” He pulled me toward a clearing off to the right of the patio where lights and heaters had been a set up. The bass droned HOF Download New Free Coins Logineven louder here, and a crowd of people was dancing wildly. I didn’t recognize anyone. Jackpot pulled me against him, molding our bodies together. We’d danced with each other beforeHOF Download New Free Coins Login at social functions, and he’d always kept an appropriate distance between us, made sure his hand was high up on my back.

He didn’t now. His hand HOF Download New Free Coins Loginwas on my lower back, and I could feel every inch of his strong, muscled body pressing against me. I felt like a marionette in his hold. His breath pressed into my ear. “It doesn’t look as if you want to dance with me. Maybe you should return to the bar. The cat’s only a kitty after all.” He’d noticed how stiff I was. Of course, he had. He was a Made Man.

Panic rose in me. WhatHOF Download New Free Coins Login should I do now? Spin would probably say this was the perfect moment to confront him, to reveal my true identity and give him a piece of my mind, but even as I went through the plan in my mind, I realized I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. “I need you to say it,” he murmured.