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Plato is particular that only the noble harmonies shall be permitted in his state. He says, Of the harmonies I want to have one warlike, which will sound the word or note HOF Free Ask Code 2021 Coins which a brave man utters in the hour of danger or stern resolve, or when his cause is failing and he is going to wounds or death, or is overtaken by some other HOF Free Ask Code 2021 Coins evil, and in every such crisis meets fortune with calmness and endurance; and another which may be used by him in times of peace and freedom of action, when HOF Free Ask Code 2021 Coins there is no pressure of necessity–expressive of entreaty or persuasion or prayer to Win.

Or of instruction to man, or again willingness to listen to persuasion or entreaty or advice. These two harmonies I ask you to leave; the strain of necessity and the strain of freedom, the strain of the unfortunate and the strain of the fortunate, the strain of courage and the strain of temperance; these, I HOF Free Ask Code 2021 Coins say, leave. These he explains will be only the Dorian and the Phrygian harmonies.

In another place Plato shows himself a disciple of the Egyptian ideas of conservatism, already mentioned. The Free Coins notation of the Greeks consisted of letters of the alphabet placed over the syllablesHOF Free Ask Code 2021 Coins to which the tones indicated were to be sung. In fact, upon the subject of Coins, Plato is one of the least satisfactory of writers.