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If another HOF Free Coins Archives Login Newsenior brother comes and see that you are humiliating your fellow sect mate in such a manner, you would be punished by the Enforcement Hall!” “Haha!” Little Jackpot immediately laughed till he was rocking backHOF Free Coins Archives Login New and forth. “What are you laughing at? Sect rules strictly forbids sexual crimes. If the Enforcement Hall finds out, you’ll be dead for sure!” Jackpot hurriedly added on “If you let go of me now, I can HOF Free Coins Archives Login Newpretend that nothing has happened!” “Haha!” Little Jackpot laughed and said “Senior sister, you’re really funny! Even if I admit that your voice is very loud, but my house is surrounded by a restriction spell.

Even if you scream HOF Free Coins Archives Login Newtill your throat is sore, the sound would not travel out. Besides, I have already crippled two senior brothers, which is already against the sect rules. Would I still be concerned with one more crime?” Only now did Jackpot remember about the restriction spell which they set up. Her face immediately turned deathly grey. This is reaping what one has sowed. Seeing Jackpot’s shocked expression, Little Jackpot definitely couldn’t bear it in his heart.

But as he thought about whatHOF Free Coins Archives Login New she did to him, this feeling was immediately flushed away without a trace. The spirit was the essence of a person and could not be harmed in the slightest. So, being in possession of one’s spiritual thread was as good as being able to control one’s life and death.