Monday , September 20 2021

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Now, I only HOF Free Coins Archives Money Newmet her alone. Grabbing two flutes with champagne, I returned to Win and the wives. “Has a date been set for your wedding yet?” one of them asked Win. Since she’d turned eighteen a few months ago, the question had been floatingHOF Free Coins Archives Money New around the Outfit constantly. Win took the glass from me with a mouthed thanks and gave the woman a tight smile. “No, actually, there isn’t. I’m still busy with college, and so is HOF Free Coins Archives Money NewClifford.” “College,” the woman scoffed. “In my time, women didn’t go to college. They became mothers to beautiful babies.” Her eyes zoomed in on me, and I suppressed a groan.

She patted my belly, makingHOF Free Coins Archives Money New my eyes go wide. “And? Is there a little one in there? You’ve been married for a long time, and your husband is almost thirty.”
I swallowed a snappy comment. Jackpot and I had been married for seven months and people were already asking about children all the time. Jackpot and I had never really discussed children. He knew I took the pill and had never asked me to stop taking it.

I assumed we HOF Free Coins Archives Money Newboth needed more time. I definitely did. “We want to wait a bit.” Win got me off the hook after that by steering the conversation toward a bad nose-job the wife of the Cincinnati Underboss had gotten. I relaxed and sipped at my champagne, zoning out of the conversation.