Friday , February 26 2021

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If Jackpot were to handHOF Free Coins Archives New Login over her spiritual thread, she would completely become Little Jackpot’s slave in future. If he wanted her to live, she would live; likewise, if he wanted her to die, she could not do anythingHOF Free Coins Archives New Login but die. It was no wonder then, why she was so shocked when she heard his request. A pity, no matter how much of a shock Jackpot was in, Little Jackpot would not let her go easily. This is because this HOF Free Coins Archives New Loginconcerned something grave. If the news was leaked out, Little Jackpot would have to die without a place to be buried.

So, he could only HOF Free Coins Archives New Loginharden his heart and say, “Senior sister, it is not that I am ruthless, but it is because this matter cannot be revealed. If you do not take your life as assurance, I would not let you go no matter what!” “You, you already took away my chastity, why do you still want~” Jackpot asked pitifully. Little Jackpot absorbed the spirit thread into his stomach, then used his spiritual sense to ensure that there was nothing wrong. Only then was he relieved.

After excitedly HOF Free Coins Archives New Loginrubbing his crotch for a while, did he reluctantly climbed up. “Senior sister, now that we have close ties, you can rest assured, I will not threaten you to do anything. In front of others, you can pretend that you do not know me, or even despise me. All in all, just be yourself.”