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And speaking HOF Free Coins Archives Reward Reviewsof legends, he smelled Coins before he heard her; the aroma of coconut drifted toward him on a breeze and made his blood pump a little faster. Coconuts had never turned him on before, but then, the scent had never been attachedHOF Free Coins Archives Reward Reviews to a red-hot female with hair the color of the midnight sky, either . “What are you doing?” Her velvety, feminine voice was so at odds with the warrior he knew she was, and heHOF Free Coins Archives Reward Reviews wondered how she sounded in bed. Did she hold on to her female side, or did she play rough, dominant, letting the fighter in her take over?

She came aroundHOF Free Coins Archives Reward Reviews in front of him. Her knees touched his, and her floral Hawaiian dress, an intense violet that matched her eyes, swirled around her shapely ankles, flapping at his boots. “I sense agitation in you. Want to let some out? A little hand-to-hand?” Jesus. Okay, yeah, she might sense some tension in him, but it wasn’t because he wanted to draw blood. He wanted to get Na**d, and the weird thing was, he imagined getting that way with her.

She fascinatedHOF Free Coins Archives Reward Reviews him with her contradictions, riled him up with her body, and earlier in the night, when he’d seen her helping Wins’s servants clean a spill in the kitchen, he’d admired her. She’d gotten down on her hands and knees and scrubbed the floor, and she’d done it with a damned smile.