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Coin was in trouble, but they HOF Free Coins Blog Apk Onlinedidn’t know how to help. And so they simply listened as he poured his heart out. The topic of his beloved wife would inevitably come up, and John would fill them in on the latest horrific HOF Free Coins Blog Apk Onlinedevelopments. None of them had seen Jackpot in years because of the illness. That was her choice, not theirs, for she wanted them to remember her the way she had been, notHOF Free Coins Blog Apk Online the way she was now. They sent gifts and cards, of course. Coin was like a brother to them, and while they were genuinely sympathetic about his wife’s condition, they were much more concerned about him. In their collective opinion, she was, after all, a lost cause. He wasn’t. And they could see what he couldn’t, that he was headed for disaster.

They knew he was having troubleHOF Free Coins Blog Apk Online concentrating while at work — a dangerous tendency given his occupation — and he was also drinking too much. Coin was getting roaring drunk now. Preston had invited him and the others over to his new penthouse apartment to celebrate the success of their latest venture. They sat at the dining room table in plush upholstered chairs, surrounded by a panoramic view of the Mississippi.

It was late, almostHOF Free Coins Blog Apk Online midnight, and they could see the lights twinkling outside in the inky darkness. Every few minutes the sound of a foghorn would hum mournfully in the background.