Monday , January 24 2022

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A bottle of scotchHOF Free Coins Blog Challenge Online fueled his anger. Someone must have called the police. They arrived, sirens blaring, minutes later. The policeman who’d used the unnecessary force shouted a crude blasphemy as he rolled the unconscious manHOF Free Coins Blog Challenge Online over onto his stomach and then knelt on his back and secured the handcuffs. Then he dragged him to the car. The other drunk meekly waited his turn, and within another minute orHOF Free Coins Blog Challenge Online two, both were locked in the back of the car on their way to the city jail. Spin gulped a long swallow of scotch and wiped the perspiration from his brow with the back of his hand. The scene under his window had freaked him, especially the handcuffs. He couldn’t handle being cuffed.

He couldn’t go to prison, wouldn’t. He’dHOF Free Coins Blog Challenge Onlinekill himself first . . . if he had the courage. He had always been a little claustrophobic, but the condition had worsened over the years. He couldn’t be inside a windowless room these days without feeling tightness in his chest. He’d stopped using elevators, preferring to walk up seven flights of stairs rather than spend thirty or forty seconds inside a metal elevator box, squeezed in like a dead sardine with the other office dwellers.

Dear God, whyHOF Free Coins Blog Challenge Online hadn’t he thought about his claustrophobia before he agreed to this lunacy? And that was exactly what the bastard had counted on. “I’ve put in some long hours at work this week. I’m tired, that’s all.”