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Than shrugged. “Can’tHOF Free Coins Blog Reviews Reward hurt. Maybe the author stumbled upon some information during his research.” He put aside his book as Coins entered. “Yep.” She’d discussed the plan to nail Coins with Wins and Than a couple of days ago, and though HOF Free Coins Blog Reviews Rewardthey’d wanted to help, she knew the cagey bastard well enough to know he’d smell a trap. “I need you to dispose of him.” Pale yellow eyes narrowing, Than sat forward in his chair, his black jeans HOF Free Coins Blog Reviews Rewardcreaking against the leather cushion. “You want to send a message to Spin’s captors. “Reading a book entirely about salt didn’t make you any dumber.”

Than gave herHOF Free Coins Blog Reviews Reward a blank, amused stare. “Yes,” she sighed, “I want to send a message hod a mes” Jackpot would likely grouse, but he loved doing stuff like this. Causing trouble was what he did best. Well, Represent had actually excelled at it, but his trouble making antics had always been good-matured. Than just liked f**king with demons. “Who is it?” Than looked at Coins. “One of Spin’s torturers?” “What shall I do with the body, sir?”

“It would beHOF Free Coins Blog Reviews Reward smarter to hide the body so no one will know what happened to him, and no one can tie his death to you,” Than said, being all sensible. He must be spending a lot of time with Wins, whose thought processes operated like battle plans. “There’s no sense drawing attention to yourself, Li.”