Friday , February 26 2021

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After enteringHOF Free Coins Bounty Login New into the Blood Raven Ridge, they could not fly any longer. The moon grass which they wanted to find was a very rare herb which liked to grow in the faces of the Blood Ravens. A group of people could slowly look for it, if they were HOF Free Coins Bounty Login Newlucky, they could find it very quickly. If not, it was also normal forHOF Free Coins Bounty Login New them to find it for a few months. Plus, this job was also very dirty, and not many cultivators were not willing to come. This is also why high grade cultivators were willing to release the mission to allow lower grade cultivators to complete it.

Of course, one mustHOF Free Coins Bounty Login New not misunderstand that the Blood Raven Ridge was very safe. Apart from the Blood Ravens, there were also many demonic beasts. The few strong ones could even beat the foundational stage cultivators into escaping. Thankfully, these strong demonic beasts are very rare. The demonic beasts which normally roamed were all weaker, and could be settled by Jackpot stage cultivators. After all, they were here to find herbs and not to view the scenery.

On the first day, everyoneHOF Free Coins Bounty Login New searched through many farces. Apart from countless of insects, they did not find anything. On the second day, it was the same as well. Only on the third day was there a change in situation, where they found a 100 year old moon grass. A pity, there was a 4-eyed snake protecting it.