Thursday , January 28 2021

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Before heHOF Free Coins Download Bonus New dropped my hand, he lifted it to his mouth and kissed my fingertips and my palm. He released me and I let my arm sink down to the bed. My skin still tingled from the affectionate gesture. I tried to make sense of the situation, of everything HOF Free Coins Download Bonus Newthat had happened in these last few minutes and before, but my brain couldn’t process the enormity of it all. Guilt was a feeling I was intimately familiar with, a constant presence HOF Free Coins Download Bonus Newshadowing my life ever since Win’s accident that had been affirmed after Serafina’s kidnapping.

Yet, the strength HOF Free Coins Download Bonus Newof my guilt after what I’d just done hit me by surprise. Occasionally, I’d felt a flicker of guilt toward Coin, but now the flicker was a roaring flame burning my insides. Coin lay on the bed before me, her eyes distant. I didn’t even want to imagine what images were flitting through her mind. How I’d talked to her like she was a whore? How I’d pushed her against the tree and tried to shove myself into her?

What was she doing HOF Free Coins Download Bonus Newhere? At my lodge? At a party she had absolutely no business being? And how had she gotten in? The need to interrogate her rose in me, and with it anger, but now wasn’t the time. She was still naked and most likely in shock. I needed to get her away from here before someone found out about this.

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