Friday , March 5 2021

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I sipped HOF Free Coins Download Exchange Newat my tea and read the messages I’d gotten from friends at school as well as Mom. I was about to announce my presence but then Jackpot said, “People are asking many questions. It was inevitable. I hope you have HOF Free Coins Download Exchange Newthe right answers. I don’t want Win to find out about the deal. Most people don’t dare spreading their rumors yet.” What kind of deal? “Don’t worry. I can handle it, or do you really think I wantHOF Free Coins Download Exchange New Coin to find out you only agreed to marry her if I married your sister? She’d be fucking heartbroken.” I stifled a gasp, my chest clenching with acute pain.

Jackpot had onlyHOF Free Coins Download Exchange New agreed to marrying me in exchange for Coin’s engagement to Win? But Win and his bond had only been made this year . . . right? Or had everyone just kept the truth from me and the public all this time? Mom, Dad, Coin, Jackpot. How many more had known? “Marriage in our world is based on logic.” Jackpot sounded so . . . emotionless. He hadn’t been emotionless in the slightest when Serafina had been concerned.

I backed deeper into HOF Free Coins Download Exchange Newthe lounge shell, scared they’d catch sight of me. The opening of the shell faced toward the other direction of the lake, not the path leading up from the lower deck. I didn’t want to hear more, but I couldn’t run off without them noticing. I was a chore. His duty.