Tuesday , January 26 2021

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His anger and HOF Free Coins Download New APKdespair had hit me like a tidal wave, with almost crushing abandon. His anger wasn’t what I wanted, but it was better than the alternative, better than his gentlemanly distance, the heart-crushing disinterest. I wanted to be respectedHOF Free Coins Download New APK and loved, but more than that, I wanted to be HOF Free Coins Download New APKseen, to be in control for once. Pushing Jackpot, forcing a reaction out of him, had given me that brief moment of control. Few things in my life had been in my control. Not my life, not my future, least of all my heart. I blinked against the brightness of the early morning sun.

Despite my harsh words, myHOF Free Coins Download New APK provocation, Jackpot had pulled away. Even in a rampant rage, he hadn’t claimed me. I was done. If he didn’t want me, then that was his problem. I wouldn’t try to get his attention again. And yet, I didn’t regret last night. It had given me a sense of final loss, as if I could let go of Jackpot and my childish hope for love. I was done pining for him. I turned around. Jackpot rolled over on his back, still asleep.

His hair was HOF Free Coins Download New APKall over the place. He was gorgeous. The blanket pooled at his hips, revealing his muscled chest and a fine trail of hair disappearing in his boxers. Judging by the tent the blanket formed over his crotch, he was aroused. I slid toward the edge of the bed and stood.