Saturday , February 27 2021

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Coin’s lips HOF Free Coins Download New Archivesthinned. “I know you would probably keep it to spite him, but I don’t want trouble on the day of my engagement. I want the party to be perfect. Pissing Coin off will only ruin my mood as well.” “It’s your decision, Jackpot, but HOF Free Coins Download New Archivesdon’t let him push you around. It was okay to cut him slack after the thing with your sister happened, but he should be over it by now.” “Men and their pride, you know how it is.” She rolledHOF Free Coins Download New Archives her eyes. “Don’t get me started.” Overnight, the small flame of indignance in my chest turned into a roaring fire.

I was angry at HOF Free Coins Download New ArchivesCoin for his reaction, but even more than that, I was absolutely furious that he was allowed to follow his blonde obsession and then dared to freak out because I’d colored my hair. I wasn’t a very rebellious person, had never been, but I felt the need to show him that he couldn’t push me around. Maybe I was young and not Sera Coin, but that didn’t mean he could act like an asshole. “Back again?” my hairdresser asked curiously.

I’d colored my roots only HOF Free Coins Download New Archivesa couple of days ago. I could already see her gossip radar springing to life. I gave her a cheeky smile. “I’m feeling like more change.” Her eyebrows rose. “Not back to your original hair color?” My eyes darted to the photo of a model with a cute bob cut and bangs.