Tuesday , January 26 2021

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I was okay, physically. My HOF Free Coins Download New Bountysoreness had disappeared after a couple of days. My emotions were still all over the place, though. Each time Jackpot had sent me a message inquiring about my well-being, which had happened four times in the last HOF Free Coins Download New Bountytwo weeks, I had been overwhelmed by mixed emotions. Finally, anger had won out and I’d made it clear I didn’t want him to keep bugging me. I put my hand over Win’s. “I will, don’t worry. ThisHOF Free Coins Download New Bounty dress is about me, not Jackpot. I won’t waste any thoughts on him.” But I still wished Mom had made an appointment for wedding-dress shopping sooner—before the party; before I realized my fiancé wasn’t what my silly hopes had made him out to be.

We were already late HOF Free Coins Download New Bountyby wedding-planner standards. Six months before the wedding was the magical date to order a dress, but Mom had insisted we wait a bit longer. I had a feeling she was being superstitious, as if we’d be tempting fate if we bought the dress too soon, as if history might repeat itself. Emma had already bought her dress a few weeks before Christmas. “Try to enjoy the day. You’ve been looking forward to dress shopping for years.”

Win had arrived the HOF Free Coins Download New Bountynight before, and we’d watched movies and talked until way past midnight, so we both had trouble getting up early for the appointment.
“Coin! Win!” Win and I grabbed our purses and headed downstairs.