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Spin had returnedHOF Free Coins Exchange Online Home to Boston a few days after his surgery. Even though Win’s case had ended and a half dozen high-level mob bosses were now behind bars, Spin still had a ton of reports to file and a mountain of documents HOF Free Coins Exchange Online Hometo record. His superiors in the Justice Department suggested that he maintain a low profile. Spin had received death threats before, and though he certainly didn’t take them lightly, heHOF Free Coins Exchange Online Home also didn’t allow them to interfere with his work. For the next couple of weeks he spent long, exhausting days at the office. “So?” Spin prodded. “So, my guess is that Dr. Win was pretty busy last night.”

“We’re supposed to hang tight because you guessHOF Free Coins Exchange Online Home the doctor didn’t have time to read the files and call the police?” Spin asked. “Will you shut up?” Dallas snapped. “As soon as Monk got to Bowen, he drove over to the St. Claire hospital. Sure enough, Dr. Win had been in surgery. Monk told one of the aides that he wanted to talk to the doctor about a financial opportunity and asked her if he should wait.

The aide told himHOF Free Coins Exchange Online Home that Win had two back-to-back surgeries and wouldn’t be done for several more hours.” “What else?” Jackpot asked. He was sitting behind his desk, drumming his fingers on the blotter. Dallas resisted the urge to stop him. “Maybe Win took the package to surgery,” Jackpot suggested.