Tuesday , August 3 2021

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Her glass HOF Free Coins Gift Bounty Downloadfroze before it touched her lips. “Not really.” “And you?” Of course he did. Her hand drifted down to her coat pocket, where she’d tucked her stung. “Are you going to torture me?” “Are you going to tell me what you are?” He put theHOF Free Coins Gift Bounty Download glass to his lips and regarded her from over the rim. “And don’t think your littleHOF Free Coins Gift Bounty Download Aegis weapon will be effective against me.” Little Aegis weapon? Arrogant ass. “I’m one-hundred percent human.” “A human with empathic abilities, I’d buy. A human who can communicate with the dead, I’d buy. But you have power over souls.” He surged closer, no doubt in an attempt to intimidate her with his height and size.

It might haveHOF Free Coins Gift Bounty Download worked if she wasn’t buzzing from the wine. As it was, her pulse fluttered madly, and she mentally urged him to come closer. “So I’m not buying the human thing.” “You want a DNA test? I’m human. My parents were both Guardians.” Technically, that was true. At the time she’d been conceived, her father had been possessed by a demon, but the Horseman didn’t need to know that.

“Is that so,” heHOF Free Coins Gift Bounty Download murmured, and that fast, the aura of anger and menace that had surrounded him shifted into something more pleasant but no less dangerous. His fingers came up to his throat, and his armor disappeared, leaving him in the clothes he’d worn for the ceremony. His eyes gleamed. “I excel at torture.”