Sunday , August 1 2021

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“That’s becauseHOF Free Coins Gift Home Download there are more than I’m proud of. And some… I don’t even remember.” An ache throbbed through her at Coin’s words, adding another layer of misery to her anxiety. She shouldn’t have asked. “Twenty, for sure, probably more. But I swearHOF Free Coins Gift Home Download to you, there will never be another, and not one of those women couldHOF Free Coins Gift Home Download compare to you.” His voice went husky with emotion. “So that answers your question, but there’s something I want to tell you. I would let you take all those women from my memory if you wanted to. And that’s the most honest thing I’ve ever said.”

She nearly stoppedHOF Free Coins Gift Home Download breathing. That he would allow her to mess with his memories again, given how important not invading his mind was, was a huge admission of trust and commitment. Not that she would do it even if she could reach back that far and snip those threads. She would never touch his mind again. Her eyes stung, and emotion clogged her throat. How had she gotten so lucky with this man? He watched her expectantly. Everyone did.

When the trembling grewHOF Free Coins Gift Home Download so severe that she nearly dropped the chalice, Coin took her hands in his and gently guided the rim to her mouth. “You can do this,” he whispered. Warm wetness touched her lips and tongue, and on her shoulder, both sides of her scales dipped wildly. “Coin,” she rasped. “I… I…”