Tuesday , December 1 2020

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John Win followedHOF Free Coins Gift Reviews Freebies him, and stood beside him, towering over him. “Sit down,” Coin said. He didn’t think her brother would appreciate hearing that. John Win homed in on what Coin hadn’t told him. “Why were you closing the window in Spin’s room?” “It was open.” “Coin? Do you know what make the car was?” Jackpot called out. “A gray Toyota . . . new,” he answered. “They’re probably long gone by now,” John WinHOF Free Coins Gift Reviews Freebies remarked. Coin agreed. He was watching Jackpot now, and John Win patiently waited for him to turn back around so he could tell him he was going to have to beat the hell out of him because he knew damnHOF Free Coins Gift Reviews Freebies well that Coin had been in Jackpot’s bed. He didn’t care that his sister could make her own choices, and he didn’t care that it wasn’t his business.

She was his littleHOF Free Coins Gift Reviews Freebies sister, and Coin, John Win decided, had taken advantage of her. “My sister’s a gifted surgeon,” John Win said with a snarl. “I know.” “She’s spent most of her life getting her training.” “What are you trying to say?” “She hasn’t had much training with men . . . doesn’t know what pricks they can be.” “She’s an adult.” “She’s naive.” “Who’s naive?” Jackpot asked as she hurried to the table.

“Never mind,” her brotherHOF Free Coins Gift Reviews Freebies said as he continued to glare at Coin. He was angry with Jackpot too, he realized, for not only had she allowed herself to become vulnerable by getting involved with an outsider, but damned if she hadn’t chosen a government man. That was almost unforgivable.