Friday , March 5 2021

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“Fuck your grandfather!” OutHOF Free Coins Limited Login New of frustration, Little Jackpot raised his leg and sent a brutal kick at Spin’s crotch, sending him flying. To receive such a strong ‘stimulus’ on such an important place, it would naturally be heavily damaged. Spin barely managed to release a scream before passing out in pain. He carried Little Monkey and when he was just about to go out, he thought about the problem of food in HOF Free Coins Limited Login Newthe future. Thus, he made a beeline to the kitchen, took some rice, noodles and preserved meat, sufficient for consumption for for a month, and threw it all HOF Free Coins Limited Login Newinto his dimensional storage item.

Although the bag HOF Free Coins Limited Login Newwas considered small, but the 50 feet of space was left empty all along and had more than enough space for all these items. After raiding the kitchen, Jackpot did not even dare to walk out by the front door, he sneaked out of the back door into the mountains. He also did not dare to go back to his hut. As long as his cousin was not an idiot, he would definitely search for him there. Little Jackpot naturally did not put this in his mind.

So, he went directly into the mountains, in search of a concealed area to escape detection. The servants were all shocked by the bloody scenes. Although they liked to fight, but the most common injury would be bruises, and a fracture would be considered to HOF Free Coins Limited Login Newbe a serious injury.