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If so, they had managed HOF Free Coins Mod Apk Cheats to create a dangerously faultless illusion. His breath was stolen as he regarded her standing next to the window. The silver light bathed her slender form with a soft glow and shimmered on the long hair that flowed like satin down her back. The flimsy silken gown easily revealed the enticing curves of her body. She might HOF Free Coins Mod Apk Cheats have been a creature of moonbeams. A delicate nymph made of iridescent shadows. Then the warm, potent scent of her skin assaulted his senses and a shudder raced through HOF Free Coins Mod Apk Cheats him. No, this was no magical nymph, but a full-blooded woman who stirred his passions to a searing pitch.

Mod Apk struggled to rein in the hunger that flowed through his blood. A hunger that was dangerously close to overwhelming his reason. Coins Keeper, he called softly. No doubt already aware HOF Free Coins Mod Apk Cheats of his presence, she slowly turned to face him, her expression troubled. Good evening, Mod Apk. Instantly on alert, he moved forward, not stopping until he was a mere breath from her.

What is the matter, my dear? Her gaze rested briefly on his bare chest before reluctantly HOF Free Coins Mod Apk Cheats lifting. Nothing. I could not sleep, so I thought perhaps a book … The words trailed away as she moistened her lips in a revealing motion. Mod Apk gritted his teeth, feeling the fierce awareness of her own smoldering desire. He should return to his chambers, he sternly warned himself. The heavy pulse of awareness was too potent on this night.