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“It’s okay. I knowHOF Free Coins Mod Apk Online Jackpot isn’t perfect. She has her quirks, just like we do. Who isn’t a little compulsive about something?” he said. “It’s just that she worries about being without, and so she has to have two of everything. She has two television sets, identical ones, sitting side by side on the table by her bed. She has one of them on day and night, but she worries it might break, so she makes sureHOF Free Coins Mod Apk Online she has a backup. She does the same thing when she’s ordering something from a store or a catalog. Always buys two, but what’s the harm in that?” he asked. “She isn’t hurting anyone, and she has so little joy these days. She puts up with me because HOF Free Coins Mod Apk Onlineshe loves me.” Bowing his head he whispered, “She’s my entire life.”

“The thought crossedHOF Free Coins Mod Apk Online our minds,” Win admitted. “Coin, we can’t afford for you to go crazy on us,” Preston said. “I’m not going to go crazy.” “Yeah, okay,” Spin said. “Here’s the way we’re gonna play it. John will tell us if he needs help. Isn’t that right?” John nodded. “Yeah, sure.” His friends let the subject drop and spent the rest of the evening plotting their next project.

They continued to meet onHOF Free Coins Mod Apk Online Friday afternoons, but they kept silent about John’s mounting depression. None of them knew what could be done about it, anyway. He wanted to kill himself and end the torment.