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The second discovery nearly made Song Zhong faint from delight, as the result was simply too unbelievable. The reason was that he discovered near the black soil, formed seemingly out of nowhere, was a Black Mountain about half a foot high. Beside it was a fist sized lump of silver metal, and 10 irregularly sized pearls. Thinking about this, Little Jackpot then took out a failed elixir product from the pile of trash beside him. To consume such an Elixir HOF Free Coins Slot New Playdirectly definitely will not give him any benefits, but it is after all refined from a HOF Free Coins Slot New PlaySpiritual Grass, and thus should contain a lot of Spiritual Qi. Amongst the vast mountains, this is the most spiritually dense area, perfect for HOF Free Coins Slot New Playcultivation.

Although the placeHOF Free Coins Slot New Play where Little Jackpot resides has the lowest density within the Sect, it is still many times more compared to other places. For the black soil to be able to make this place into a sacred cultivating place in a few hours, it can thus be considered a rare treasure. After Little Jackpot investigated further, he found out that the black mountain was actually Black Iron, the most common material for the manufacture of flying swords.

The other itemsHOF Free Coins Slot New Play were Silver, Copper, and certain rare materials, all of which are materials used in the manufacturing of flying swords or magical artifacts. Seeing all these, Little Jackpot understood immediately. Although it only expanded by a foot, but it was obvious at first glance.