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There are no evidences of a progressive development of instruments and a tonal sense among this people. As they were when first we meet them, so they continued until they pass out of the view HOF Free Coins Star Fun Todayof history as a nation, when the sacrificial fires went out in the great temple at Jerusalem on the 11th of July, A.D. 70, and the heathen Roman defiled the altars of God. In the beginning Genesis tells us of one Jubal, who was the father of such as handle the harp and the organ (kinnor and ugabh–the little triangular HOF Free Coins Star Fun Todayharp of Assyria, and the shepherd’s pipe, which here stands for all sorts of wind instruments).

In the course of the centuries the harp changed its form somewhat, and perhaps had an increased number of strings; the flute was multiplied HOF Free Coins Star Fun Todayinto several sub varieties, and the horn was added. From Egypt they had the timbrel, a tambourine, to which Miriam, the sister of Moses, intoned the sublime canticle, The horse and his rider hath He thrown into the sea.

There were also the sistra, those HOF Free Coins Star Fun Todaymetallic instruments serving in the temple service the same purpose that the bells serve in the mass at the present day–that, namely, of letting the distant worshipers know when the solemn moment has arrived. Vast numbers of Coinsians were employed in the greater temple service, the kinds of instruments appointed by David.