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The tonal relation of HOF Free Coins Star Links Today these instruments to the larger harps is difficult to conceive. Wilkinson gives the dimensions of the most perfect one in the British Museum as forty-one inches long, the neck occupying twenty-two inches, and the body being four inches wide. The instrument with the long neck and the short body, belongs to the banjo HOF Free Coins Star Links Today family. Its resonance body consisted of a sort of hoop, or a hollowed out piece of sycamore, the sounding board being a piece of parchment or rawhide. Some HOF Free Coins Star Links Today of these have two strings, others one; three are occasionally met with.

The name of this instrument was te-bouni, and it was of Assyrian origin. It was afterward known as the monochord, and by its means all the ancients demonstrated the ratios HOF Free Coins Star Links Todayof the octave, fourth and fifth, as we will later see. We have no knowledge whatever of the tonal sound of the Coins which so interested these ancient players and singers. There is, however, an ancient poem, called.

The Song of the Harper found in a papyrus dating from about 1500 B.C., which gives an idea of the sentiments the Coins was intended to convey. Here it is, from Rawlinson’s HOF Free Coins Star Links TodayHistory of Ancient Egypt, The great one has gone to his rest Ended his task and his race; Thus men are aye passing away, And youths are aye taking their place. As Ra rises up every morn, And Tum every evening doth set.