Wednesday , September 23 2020

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Chronicler climbed down from HOF Free Coins VIP Apk Mod his horse. He had been robbed before and knew when there was nothing to be gained by discussion. These fellows knew their business. No energy was wasted on bravado or idle threats. One of them looked over the horse, checking hooves, teeth, and harness. Two others went through his saddlebags with a military HOF Free Coins VIP Apk Mod efficiency, laying all his worldly possessions out on the ground. Two blankets, a hooded cloak, the flat leather satchel, and his heavy, well-stocked travel sack. That’s HOF Free Coins VIP Apk Mod all of it, Commander, one of the men said. Except for about twenty pounds of oats.

The commander knelt down and opened the flat leather satchel, peering inside. There’s nothing but paper and pens in there, Chronicler said. The commander turned to look backward over his shoulder. You a scribe then? Chronicler nodded. It’s my livelihood, sir. And no real use to you. The man looked through the satchel, found HOF Free Coins VIP Apk Mod it to be true, and set it aside. The commander left everything else lying on the cloak and got to his feet. The others took turns going through Chronicler’s things.

Then he upended the travelsack onto Chronicler’s spread HOF Free Coins VIP Apk Mod cloak and poked idly through the contents. He took most of Chronicler’s salt and a pair of bootlaces. Then, much to the scribe’s dismay, he picked up the shirt Chronicler had bought back in Linwood. It was fine linen dyed a deep, royal blue, too nice for traveling. Chronicler hadn’t even had the chance to wear it yet. He sighed.