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Wins reckoned he’dHOF Free Coins VIP Online Blog have to soothe the teacher’s nerves. He put on his good Sunday clothes, added a splash of the Aqua Vela he only used on special occasions, and walked the mile and a half to the school. Miss Spinner turned out to be a pain in the ass, which Wins expected, but she was also pretty, and he hadn’tHOF Free Coins VIP Online Blog expected that at all. He was immediately suspicious. Why would an attractive, young, single woman want to teach in the little gnat of a town of Bowen? With her fine looks and her shapely figure, she could get herself a job anywhere. And how comeHOF Free Coins VIP Online Blog she wasn’t married yet? She looked to be in her twenties, and in the parish that made her a spinster.

It was imperativeHOF Free Coins VIP Online Blog that he do right by the child. She told Wins that Spins was already reading adult literature and that she was going to be skipping the equivalent of two full grades next Monday. Did he know that Spins had an aptitude for science and math? Wins summed up all the educated talk to mean that his little girl was a natural-born genius.

Miss Spinner told him thatHOF Free Coins VIP Online Blog she believed she was a good teacher, but even so, she knew she wasn’t going to be able to keep up with Spins’s educational needs. She wanted the little girl moved to a private school where her talents could be nurtured and she could set her own learning curve — whatever in tarnation that meant.