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He poured a fullHOF Free Coins VIP Online Home glass of whiskey and carried it back to the desk. Leaning against the side, he drank it down, hoping it would steady his nerves for the ordeal ahead of him. Scrolling down the documents, he counted the lines as Win had instructed in her letter, and there on line sixteen, right smack in the middle of the transaction made over a year ago, five words had been HOF Free Coins VIP Online Homeinserted. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Jackpot roared like a wounded animal. “You fat bitch,” he screamed. Stunned, he fell back in his chair. What in God’s name was he going to tell Monk? JackpotHOF Free Coins VIP Online Homerubbed his temples while he thought about the problem. Dallas was the solution, he decided. He would let Dallas handle Monk.

After all, Monk didn’t belchHOF Free Coins VIP Online Home without Dallas’s permission, and he would surely agree to wait for payment if he were told to. Jackpot took a breath. His heart felt as though it were going to explode. “There isn’t any windfall.” “What?” “We’ve got a problem.” “Jackpot, I can barely hear you. Did you say you didn’t get the windfall yet?” Such a stupid little detail, but suddenly important to him.

She ran the house from her HOF Free Coins VIP Online Homebed, just as she tried to run him ragged with her whining and her demands. “Yes,” Spin answered, his voice cautious now. “We even ordered you a drink and —” “Are the others there with you?”