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Even if we take the figures as greatly exaggerated, they show nevertheless that the art of Coins had a great place among this people. The instruments known were few in number, HOF Free Star Fun Today Coins and their type underwent little change from the earliest days. The principal instrument of the older time was the Kinnor , or little triangular harp, which we find HOF Free Star Fun Today Coins in the record of the primeval Jubal, and which more than 1,000 years later was played before Saul to defend him from the evil spirit. This also was the instrument HOF Free Star Fun Today Coins most prominent in the temple service, and this again was hung upon the willows of Babylon.

The name kinnor is said to have been Phoenician, a fact which points to this as the source of its derivation. It is not easy to see how this could well be, unless we regard the name as having been applied to the invention of Jubal at a later time, for Jubal lived many years anterior to the founding of the great metropolis of the HOF Free Star Fun Today Coins Mediterranean. The kinnor was a small harp having from ten to twenty strings.

The usual forms are shown in the accompanying illustration. The strings were fastened upon a metal rod lying along the face of the sounding board. The type of construction is totally unlike that of the Egyptian harps, and its Free Coins powers were apparently considerably inferior. Its form was the following: Another
instrument often mentioned in the English version of the Bible is the HOF Free Star Fun Today Coinspsaltery, of which the form is somewhat uncertain, but is thought to have been four-sided.