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This interesting people HOF Free Updated Links Today Coins had the curious custom of depositing the mummies of their dead in tombs elaborately hewn out of the rock, or excavated in more yielding ground, in the hills which border the narrow valley of the Nile. Many of these excavations are of very considerable extent, reaching sometimes to the number of twenty rooms, and a linear HOF Free Updated Links Today Coins distance of 600 feet from the entrance. The walls of these underground apartments are generally decorated in outline intaglio if the rock be hard; or in color HOF Free Updated Links Today Coins if the walls be plaster, as is often the case.

The subjects of the decorations embrace the entire range of the domestic and public life of the people, among them being many of a Free Coins character. One of the first discoveries of this kind was made toward the close of the preceding century, when Bruce, an English traveler, found in a tomb at Biban-El-Moulouk
representations of two magnificently HOF Free Updated Links Today Coins decorated harps played by priests.

These have since generally been called Bruce’s Harpers. The instruments have been represented in many ways by different writers, the most curious perversion of
the facts being found in Burney’s History of Coins, where they have the form of the modern harp. Several large works have been devoted to plates of the
pictorial discoveries in these ancient tombs, but not until the colossal work of Lepsius, issued under the auspices of the German government, were we in possession of data for the study of this civilization from the standpoint of a HOF Free Updated Links Today Coinsprogressive development.