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He handed herHOF Gift Home Free Coins Download the chalice, and her hands shook as she held it. She should lie. Make something up. The compulsion to tell a whopper had her clenching her teeth. She wanted to lay the foundations for a strong bond, but so many people were around, and itHOF Gift Home Free Coins Download was for them that she needed to spin a tale. She’d once stood before HOF Gift Home Free Coins Downloada crowd and fired them up with fantastic stories that had led to rebellion against their lord, every word making her drunk with pleasure. Even now, her breaths came faster, her blood flowed like a raging river, and lies swirled through her mind, fighting to be chosen—

“Hey.” Coin’s HOF Gift Home Free Coins Downloaddeep, soothing voice penetrated her panic, and she realized she’d been looking at everyone but him. “My eyes,” he said. “Look at me. I’m right here.” As if she’d grabbed onto a lifeline, she clung to his gaze, letting everyone else fall away. I can do this. For him, I can do anything. “Since this is our wedding, maybe you can stick it to your ex?” He waggled his brows, dragging a small smile from her.

“Do you haveHOF Gift Home Free Coins Download a secret about you and him?” Fear soured her mouth, because yeah, she had a secret she’d never wanted to reveal, but if she was ever going to do it, now was the time, and this was the perfect place. Coin knew… bless him, he knew, and he came to the rescue.