Monday , September 28 2020

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They could seeHOF Login Reviews Free Coins Freebies the light from the motorboat scanning the thicket like a lighthouse beacon, swinging back and forth in a wide arc, searching for them. The light didn’t find them. Jackpot took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. They had just gotten overHOF Login Reviews Free Coins Freebies another hurdle, and she took a minute to thank God for that blessing. They weren’t out of danger yet, but Wins had been right when he’d told her they could hide out until daylightHOF Login Reviews Free Coins Freebies and then get help. Soon there would be an end to this nightmare. The hunters had gone on. The noise from their boat fading now. Jackpot guessed that they would continue on for several more minutes before they’d turn around and backtrack, searching more thoroughly.

Wins’s mindHOF Login Reviews Free Coins Freebies was racing. Were they professional hitters? If so, who had sent them? Could the mob have tracked him to Louisiana? Were they here to retaliate for his part in convicting so many of their leaders? Had his being here put her in danger? Jackpot heard a twig snap above her. She glanced up at the branches a scant second before she felt a weight drop on her left foot.

It took every ounce ofHOF Login Reviews Free Coins Freebies willpower she possessed not to scream. Whatever had fallen was now slithering up her leg. She froze, her hand gripping the flashlight in her lap, her finger on the switch. “No, he didn’t. He was probably more afraid than we were.”