Monday , September 20 2021

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The oldest of the Free Coins representations are HOF Updated Links Today Free Coins found in tombs near Thebes, and already we find the art in an advanced state. The preceding cut shows one of these pictures. A Free Coins group is represented, consisting of eight figures. Their occupations are designated by the hieroglyphics above them. The harper is designated as harp scraper. It is not possible HOF Updated Links Today Free Coins to make out in the present state of these drawings the exact number of strings upon the harps, but explorers agree that it must have been either five or HOF Updated Links Today Free Coins seven.

From the length of the strings and the structure of the instrument without a pillar in front for resisting the pull of the strings, the tones must have been within the register of the male voice. The long flute played by the figure bearing the number 8 must also have produced low tones. It is not plain whether these players are supposed to be all HOF Updated Links Today Free Coins playing at the same time, or whether their ministrations may have taken place separately.

Most likely, however, they all played and sang together. The most advanced harps found in Egypt were the elegantly colored and ornamented priestly instruments which Bruce found in what was afterward discovered to be the tomb of Rameses III, at Biban-El-Moulouk. The black and white cuts give but a poor idea of the
elaborate structure and rich ornamentation of these fine instruments The instruments are not playing together; each harper plays before his own particular divinity. They occupy opposite sides in the HOF Updated Links Today Free Coinssame hall.